Christopher Duffy: I Think I Want My Energy in All Colors



Sep 22, 2012
Fall Exhibition Opening
Sep 22, 2012–Dec 15, 2012
Christopher Duffy: I Think I Want My Energy in All Colors
New Commissions

Christopher Duffy: I Think I Want My Energy in All Colors

Curated by Courtenay Finn

Christopher Duffy’s New Commission, I Think I Want My Energy in All Colors, is a series of new glass sculptures presented together as a dynamic installation.

Suspended from the ceiling of the storefront Project Space, a mechanized series of glass vessels turn on an axis, shimmering and reflecting against the windows. A collection of tubes, acting as a sculptural circulatory system, pass air through glass vessels encased in brightly colored balloons. Expanding and contracting, these inorganic organisms breathe, giving the installation its own heartbeat and pulse. In another corner of the space, a glass rainbow explodes from the base of a bronze tree trunk, reaching for the sun. A faint soundtrack penetrates the space, a constant loop that mirrors the kinetic movement of the installation.

Sublime, wondrous and playful, I Think I Want My Energy in All Colors links internal and external systems of connectivity. The work’s confounding transparency, highlighted by Duffy’s use of craft, abstraction, and everyday materials, plays with the concept that looking and being looked at are vital forms of interaction.

Christopher Duffy (b. 1980) is an American artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. Duffy received his BFA in glass from The Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, OH (2003). He has worked with or fabricated glasswork for many artists including Brent Young, Josiah McElheny, Michiko Sakano, Jorge Pardo, and Thaddeus Wolfe. He was the assistant art director on the short lived cult classic IFC television show FoodParty for its second season, and has also worked with the musician GirlTalk for several years on live visual elements. He was instrumental in the formation of the now defunct no profit experimental Brooklyn performance space Paris London West Nile. This marks the second solo presentation of Duffy’s work in New York City, his first solo exhibition was in 2008 at Live With Animals Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

All images courtesy the artist.

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