the way things are



Apr 17, 2008–Sep 13, 2008
the way things are
Apr 17, 2008
Spring Exhibitions Opening Reception
Audio in the Elevator

the way things are

Adrian Lohmüller
Curated by Meghan DellaCrosse

What happens when the pressure of our most basic urges rises to the degree of eruption in the absence of a designated ‘place to go’? the way things are is the capitulation before these needs and the choice to assign the space of the elevator at Art in General with a new utilitarian meaning. In the face of an ever-ongoing decline of private space within the urban environment, particularly the disintegration of public toilets or their shift into commercial institutions amplifies the necessity of alternatives. Here in this semi-private cabin within a public institution one
finds the possibility to be all to oneself, a luxury that may lead to transgressive or simply intimate
forms of behavior. Besides the search for relief of bodily functions, this activity of pissing is paired
with a humble recognition of the very mistake and un-social behavior it signifies. The cleaning process desperately looking for excuses is taking back a bold, yet adolescent statement that has not yet been seen, nor heard by anyone. Is this territory now marked?

By opposing two actions that differ as much in quality as in their origin, the most natural urge to relief oneself with the socially unacceptable side effect of contamination and reversing the action by ultra aggressive cleaning to maintain the illusion of an aseptic and neutral society, displays and discusses the insecurity in behavior that arises due to the constantly changing roles and their highly demanded adoption. But without any recipe or paradigm to realign to, this is a setting of trial and error.

Adrian Lohmüller was born in Germany and has traveled extensively in North and South America, Asia and the South Pacific. After completing his civil service in São Paulo, Brazil he moved to the United States and studied at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) where he graduated with a BFA in 2005. During his studies, he acted as a curator in the artist-run space 5th story and began showing his work in diverse places such as Baltimore, Berlin, Innsbruck, Edinburgh, Chicago and New York. He now lives and works in Berlin.