Patti Jo Rice



Audio in the Elevator

Patti Jo Rice

Patti Jo Rice, Trisha Baga
Curated by Meghan DellaCrosse

For the Audio in the Elevator Program, Patti Jo Rice (a.k.a Trisha Baga) will display a video entitled Intermission. Perfectly suited for the transitional space of an elevator, the video involves a character, seemingly trapped inside the video screen in a place that appears to be a mixture of reality and theatre. Rice’s playful use of sculptures as props exaggerates the character’s aimless action of walking through a cinematic space.

For the Audio in the Stairwell, Rice has created When You Say Nothing at All, a duet blending two different versions of the original song. By bringing the two versions together, she emphasizes subtle differences that accentuates the space between the two singers.