Erratic Anthropologies: Guy Benfield, Shana Moulton, Rancourt/Yatsuk

Oct 29, 2009–Jan 9, 2010

Art in General presents three performance installations by Guy Benfield, Shana Moulton, and Rancourt/Yatsuk that mine the visual culture of flawed but influential community structures: the hippie commune and the American suburb. Using narrative strategies the artists act as quasi-anthropologists, investigating domestic objects and architectures to pick apart the promises identified with these cultures — wealth, power, happiness, and transcendence. With a dose of the fantastic, these artists highlight the psychological, economic, and environmental fallout from the failure of idealistic attempts at redefining western social dynamics.

Project Descriptions:

Guy Benfield, Night Store
Shana Moulton, The Undiscovered Antique
Rancourt/Yatsuk, Phase IV
Hong-An Truong, Adaptation Fever