Anna Molska

Apr 17, 2008–May 31, 2008

Anna Molska presents a performance-based video and audio installation addressing her travels to Ohio and the nature of creative production.

In the past, Anna Molska has used performance-based video to explore the effect of culture on art making. Referencing the influence of Russian Suprematism and Soviet rule on the Polish avant-garde, she reworks art history and tradition using unconventional or ironic materials to reach contradictory conclusions. For her Eastern European Residency Exchange at Art In General, Molska turns her attention to American youth culture. Driven by a fascination of American teenagers, she plans on documenting the various rituals of social initiation. The exhibition will culminate with videos from each, evolving stage of her immersion in an unfamiliar context.

Project Descriptions:

Anna Molska
Ivan Mesek: HOMESICK