Trafficking of Ideas

Public Program
Dec 11, 2005

This program, co-organized by SHCHC and Alejandro Cesarco, will consist of trafficking some of the ideas and key strategies of conceptualism, particularly the use of rhetorical devices, such as the statement, anecdote, and interview format to claim the existence of art.

Trade I: Trafficking of Ideas is the first of a series of public programs designed under a single yet versatile proposal: to use the concept of trade as a lens to ponder on processes of cultural exchange, which may also include the platforms and discourses that motivate and enable the making and circulation of artistic production. Inherent to its discussion and of particular relevance to the visual arts is how investment, value, and subjectivity are constantly re-contextualized and negotiated in the making and experience of art.

6th Floor Gallery

Project Description:

Marguerite Duras' India Song