you know it when you feel it: Haircuts by Brittany Mroczek, Every Thursday through May 31

May 1, 2014

Foreground: Artist Brittany Mroczek cuts a clients hair at the opening of group show you know it when you feel it as part of Lisi Raskin’s Recuperative Tactics. Background: Flat Screen (Pink Wall) by Lisi Raskin, Art in General, April 19, 2014. Image credit: Steven Probert

Haircuts by Brittany Mroczek
Every Thursday as part of you know it when you feel it

As part of her studio practice, artist/hairdresser Brittany Mroczek will give haircuts [for a fee] every Thursday from noon—6:00pm during the run of the exhibition. Please contact [email protected] to set up an appointment.

you know it when you feel it
Curated by Kim Charles Kay as part of Recuperative Tactics
April 19—May 31, 2014

I love this pink wall you built, the way the light shines through the cracks and the space where the colors bleed into each other. It’ll be nice to spend more time with it.

Being in this space feels like being in the presence of ghosts. All the ghosts; the ones of all the workers before, the artist making shows, and the iconic image of artists living and working in New York lofts over the last 4+ decades. This space feels like a poster child for the global export of what a creative life/style should look like: NYC loft living, get it now! But in this space, there is no living; it’s post-industrial and pre-condo. It’s the formalized space of the “alternative.” Which brings me to you and to your request. You asked me for help, so here is my help. It comes in the form of an offering. An offering not just to the ghosts or to the life/style gods, but to the living…to the place where the colors bleed into each other.

We know this place, it’s the place where we affect one another. A place before the heavy, singular definition of what “it is.” Makers can feel great freedom even while constraints act against our agency, even as we attempt to stay engaged with our own creativity. Our ideas/artworks can be taken and used or just subsumed by a giant matrix of global capital that is the field of the creative professional. Pressures build and straight jackets emerge – materially, conceptually, and interpersonally. Yet we are not made to wear them. They may be laid out nicely and OF COURSE there is always someone willing to fit us with one, but the choice is still ours.

So I’ll warm the space, but not for the ones who need a white room or the object hung at 60” high to see it. I’ll do it for you and those who choose life/style; for the bodies that may wish to linger and stay. This is for the ones who have always known that being a maker is way more interesting than the stories we’ve been told about it. This is for the ones who are curious and don’t need the meaning, the content, or the experience predigested for them. May we always remember that even this exported loft living life/style with all of its illusions of freedom still comes with
a utility bill.

*For Lisi Raskin, as used by/for Samuel Delany in Times Square Red, Times Square Blue. New York: New York University Press. 2001 [1999].

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Sean Gerstley
Misha Kahn
Kim Charles Kay
Brittany Mroczek
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Brittany Mroczek is an artist based out of Brooklyn, NY exploring textiles and hair as sculptural form. She works with hair as a medium and pays close attention to its composition and form when creating a style or a haircut, while remaining mindful of her clients lifestyle and desires. She has worked on various projects ranging from film to editorials. She works with raw wool to create felted objects that are an examination of the ephemeral moment that occurs when cheesecloth and raw wool become one. She finds her love of creating apparent in all her attraction to material and process. She is a Pisces. (More Info)

Complete exhibition details for Recuperative Tactics available here.

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