Audrey Munson (1891-1996), the famous New York City artist model, actress, and writer, who inspired countless public monuments in New York City, is buried in an unmarked grave in her father's plot in a cemetery in New Haven, NY. We are collecting funds to finance a gravestone for Munson, who though deceased for more than ten years still doesn't have one. Please help by donating, so that the figure who has stood for the civic spirit of New York for 95 years atop the Municipal Building can finally have a monument of her own. *Please make checks payable to The Audrey Munson Fund and send to:* Mexico Historical Society, P.O. Box 331 Mexico, NY 13114 Attn: E. Marsden This fund raiser is organized in conjunction with the publication of ??"Queen of the Artists' Studios". The Story of Audrey Munson--Intimate Secrets of Studio Life Revealed by the Most Versatile, Most Famous of American Models, Whose Face and Figure Have Inspired Thousands of Modern Masterpieces of Sculpture and Painting??, an artist's book by Andrea Geyer and published by Art in General.